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Where can I get additional information about my social services?

Where can I get additional information about my social services?

If you believe you may require social assistance, contact your local government’s social services department for a needs or eligibility evaluation. This will assess what services you may require or be eligible for.

Because social care services are means-tested, the amount of money spent on them is determined by the recipient’s financial condition. Social care can be paid for wholly by the local government, fully by the individual, or halfway in the middle.

The National Health Service (NHS) gives helpful information about accessing social services.

What are the most pressing concerns in the field of social care?

The following are some of the major concerns confronting the social care sector:

  • According to the Office for National Statistics, an aging population- there will be 2.2 million more individuals aged 65 and over in 2027 than in 2017.
  • In recent years, local authorities have had to make large reductions, resulting in less money available to pay for social care services. The National Living Wage, auto-enrolment pensions, and the apprenticeship levy have raised provider costs, making service sustainability difficult.
  • Brexit — the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union – might have a detrimental impact on staffing and compensation levels by making it more difficult to attract critical personnel.

Who is in charge of social services?

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is England’s independent health and social care regulator. It guarantees that social care services provide safe, effective, compassionate, responsive, and well-led care to clients and offer input on how to improve services. If the CQC finds that care services do not have enough arrangements to keep people safe, they can take action.