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Paragolf Scotland - Making the impossible possible....


Mearns Castle Golf Academy and Paragolf Scotland are to host a fun day to grow awareness of disabled golf and raise funds towards a third Paragolfer at the club.

The Paragolfer, which was first launched at Mearns by Paragolf Scotland in April, makes golf accessible to wheelchair users by raising them into an upright position so that they can swing at the ball.
The innovative buggy, which was brought to Scotland with the generous support of the Social Care Ideas Factory (SCIF), The Watson Foundation and The Stand Up and Play Foundation, has three wheels and a joystick control console similar to a powerchair.

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Sherpa Union

Sherpa Union is a tribe of people passionate about empowering braver living, working and leading.

We are developing the Sherpa Union Approach with people from all walks of life who are looking to live braver lives.

Sherpa Union offers individuals Bravery coaching, group gatherings, transformation programmes, publications and pop up events where people come together in a safe and courageous space to consider braver living and leading in their personal and work lives.
Together they try out practical hands on stuff and creative ideas for fulfilling their personal potential.

"...being part of The Sherpa Union, makes me a better person and a even better practitioner."
Sherpa Antonio Glasgow

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Wee Enterprizers

The Wee Enterprizers are a group led by SCIF who formed in 2014, and comprise of individuals who use the support of KEY Community Supports, Deaf Blind Scotland, C-Change and Capability Scotland.
Together they are increasing discussions and activities to re-imagine alternative work opportunities with people with a disability.

All of the SCIF members involved in the group have undertaken a 6 days training course ‘Developing Your Social Enterprise’ run by SEA. The key aims of the group are to have ten operational kitchen table businesses which they have supported, up and running by 2015; and to develop a pioneering support model designed to assist people to put their enterprise into action, with flexible resources and additional support available where necessary by 2015.

To understand our Wee Enterprizer's journey from personable interest and passion to micro business please read our latest report 'The Power of Wee' written in conjunction with our disabled entrepreneurs and Yunus Centre for Social Business and Health at Caledonian University.

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How SCIF supports Integration of Health & Social Care in Glasgow

Glasgow Social Work Services and SCIF have worked side by side for over 12 years. With the recent evolution to the Health & Social Care Partnership, SCIF is committed to supporting the mission to improve outcomes for Glasgow citizens and users of social work services.

SCIF delivers a range of brave ideas for Glasgow Health & social Care Partnership:

1. SCIF delivers regular external e-zines, mailings and invitations to communicate, inform, inspire and promote braver thinking in health and social care transformative ideas, collaborative practice and social leadership across Glasgow.

2. SCIF hold the most up to date contact database of health, social care, housing and social enterprise providers, organisations and companies delivering supports across Glasgow.

3. SCIF delivers Bravery coaching to individuals, carers and social care staff to support their own braver living, working and self-leadership

4. SCIF hosts Sherpa Union -Lunch & Learn sessions with Glasgow social care provider staff teams , to develop braver behaviour, relationship, attitudes and values within a safe and courageous space.

5. SCIF are developing the first health and social care version of Detroit Soup, this autumn, right here in Glasgow. Glasgow Soup will be a collaborative situation; a public dinner; a platform for connection; a safe space; a democratic experiment in micro-funding ...offering 4 organisations the chance to pitch (Dragon's Den style) an idea that they need funds to get off the ground. The diners hear the pitches, eat together and vote for their favourite pitcher. The winner with most votes wins the entry money!

Glasgow Public Protection Awareness week

SCIF host 3rd Glasgow Public Protection Awareness Week with Glasgow Health and Social Care Partnership. Mon 9th May – Fri 13th May 2016

The second Public Protection Awareness Week (PPAW) was held in Glasgow on 1st - 5th December 2014 on behalf of Glasgow’s three public protection committees – Adult, Child Protection committees and MAPPA.

The week aims to strengthen Glasgow communities, agencies and organisation's understanding of local and city wide responses to Public Protection.
The PPAW will bring together a broad range of partners from the community, Third sector and statutory agency.

Here is the dedicated website to give you a flavour of what people created


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Reaching Out- Self-Directed Support across the world

Today we all face the global challenge of how to support each other to reclaim our power, take back control and make more informed choices in our lives, especially when it comes to our health and care needs. With decreasing monetary resources and increased recognition of the value of alternative economies to tap into what we all bring and know in order to share, learn and support each other.

Self-directed support (SDS) is the Scottish legislation and programme that allows people to choose how their support is provided to them by giving them as much ongoing control as they want over the individual budget spent on their support.

The values that are core to SDS relate to areas that SCIF are committed to.How people 'self-direct', 'self-determine' and ultimately lead in their own lives?
We are interested in how Self-Directed programmes are developing in other parts of the world and methods to encourage greater empowerment.

SCIF's community has grown with many taking up our free subscription from countries like USA, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Italy , Canada, Sweden and Finland.

We have been checking out with them their ideas and similar Self Directed Support programmes.

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The Gallus Press

SCIF have a track record of doing this differently. While the world is digitalising, we are not only embracing different ways to communicate across social media and technology but are now hatching a plan to launch our own publishing wing 'The Gallus Press'.

The word 'Gallus' (ga-luss) is a Scottish word meaning 'Bold, brave or daring' . We plan to publish a pocket book series of ideas, inspirations and quotes to tell stories in a different way.

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Trade School Glasgow

Trade School Glasgow is the first of its kind in Scotland. It is an alternative, self-organized learning space that runs on barter. We are proud it is the first in the world to focus its classes on compassionate topics like well-being, social care, personal and community development. We hope the school will help build stronger, more empowered communities. The most unique thing about Trade School Glasgow is that no money is involved - anyone will be able to pitch an idea for a class and equally, lessons will be free to attend by all.

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Tradeschool Everywhere

Since the crisis, Trade School has run classes on a barter system in over 30 cities. More than 19,000 students and teachers have taught or attended a Trade School class somewhere in the world! In exchange for these classes, students have traded goods and services with teachers, but money has never exchanged hands.

Should we make a book?

Please support our Kickstarter campaign through Friday, October 2nd!


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Women's Warriors Basketball Team - Scotland's first and only all women's wheelchair basketball club

At SCIF we are always keen to support in any small way BIG ideas that have the potentiality to change lives. Here's an idea where SCIF invested a very small amount of seed money and the hard work was done in a short time frame by a group of women who got together and made it happen.

Our long term colleague and friend Anne Marie Monaghan, who had been central to SCIF's growth for many years, came to us with an idea we couldn't NOT be interested in....the 1st Scottish women's wheelchair basketball team.

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